At J&M Enterprises we are proud to offer patterns. These patterns are used for prototyping and as negatives in the process of making moulds. Big patterns are our bread and butter. We outsource to a company that has a Multi-Ax 5-axis CNC Router. We can produce single piece patterns up to 156″x168″, and 69″ tall – which is one of the largest
capabilities in the business. Additionally, larger parts can be produced by cutting them in sections.

Depending upon the requirements, we utilize Pine, MDF, RenShape, etc. as the material to be milled. We work with your existing 2D or 3D models, digitize your existing plastic part or vacuum forming pattern, or design from the ground up based upon your ideas or napkin drawings. We’re fast, accurate, and efficient. Send an RFQ today, or just give us a call.


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